Telus launches a GenAI-driven customer support tool, streamlining interactions and enhancing digital service efficiency.

Canadian telecommunications company Telus has teamed up with Fuel iX and Microsoft’s OpenAI Service to launch a new customer service tool powered by GenAI. It aims to improve the efficiency and accuracy of responses provided on, facilitating better customer interactions.

Since its implementation, the GenAI tool has processed over 50,000 customer inquiries. It has demonstrated a 28% improvement in helping users find information compared to the standard search function. The tool effectively directs users with specific questions to Telus agents for more detailed assistance.

Equipped with advanced NLP technology, the tool draws on more than 1,000 customer support articles to offer precise answers. It has been developed with a strong focus on privacy and adherence to ethical guidelines, incorporating thorough risk assessments to protect data and ensure reliability.

Telus’s efforts in responsible AI usage have gained recognition, evidenced by the Outstanding Organization 2023 award from the Responsible AI Institute. Additionally, Telus is a frontrunner in promoting transparent and fair AI practices, being the first in Canada’s telecom sector to adhere to the national voluntary GenAI conduct code.

This development is part of Telus’s broader strategy to use advanced technologies to improve customer service. The collaboration with Microsoft enhances the tool’s capabilities, allowing TELUS to deliver more efficient service across its customer base.