Software AG has introduced GenAI enhancements to its Aris and Alfabet products, advancing IT asset management and process modeling.

Revealed at their Dublin conference, these tools use Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service to streamline organizational processes and IT portfolio management. Aris now features the ARIS AI Companion, employing GenAI to refine business processes visually. This tool detects irregularities and optimizes operations by analyzing user queries and process flows in natural language. An upcoming update will enable the system to model processes based on best practices, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.

Alfabet 11 updates enhance IT management with the Smart Data Workbench, allowing customized data displays and collaborative modeling. It automates interface configurations and improves data quality with AI-driven suggestions, minimizing manual efforts and maintaining consistency across platforms.

These GenAI integrations tackle challenges like undocumented exceptions and manual inefficiencies in IT management, automating these areas to boost productivity and allow organizations to prioritize strategic growth. Software AG‘s use of GenAI demonstrates a significant leap towards more efficient enterprise operations.

Software AG’s commitment to innovation is evident as they continuously enhance their products with GenAI, providing businesses with tools that drive operational excellence and strategic insights.