Tencent’s new AI tool redefines meeting productivity.

Tencent has officially launched an AI assistant for Tencent Meeting, aiming to transform meeting dynamics with advanced AI capabilities. This assistant, powered by Tencent’s proprietary large language model “Hunyuan,” enhances the entire meeting process from start to finish. With features like real-time meeting summaries, intelligent post-meeting insights, and customized alerts, it promises to streamline information flow and boost task execution efficiency.

Designed to cover every aspect of meetings, the AI assistant allows users to effortlessly extract information, analyze content, and receive intelligent reminders through simple commands. It ensures that key points and action items are never missed, whether during or after the meeting, making it an invaluable tool for professionals looking to optimize their workflow.

By leveraging the Hunyuan model’s billions of parameters and extensive pre-training, the AI assistant boasts remarkable Chinese language proficiency, logical reasoning in complex contexts, and reliable task performance. This launch marks a significant step forward in integrating AI into everyday work processes, offering a smarter, more efficient way to manage meetings and follow-ups.