Thomson Reuters introduces a trailblazing “AI skills factory” enabling non-engineers to craft AI solutions, revolutionizing business problem-solving.

Thomson Reuters has launched a groundbreaking generative AI platform, notably featuring an “AI skills factory”. This innovative addition empowers subject-matter experts, who are not traditionally engineers or software developers, to explore and develop new AI tools. This initiative is particularly aimed at addressing diverse business challenges across various sectors such as legal and tax services, as well as corporate environments.

Shawn Malhotra, the head of engineering at Thomson Reuters, emphasizes the immense potential of generative AI in solving critical problems faced by their customers. Recognizing the talent scarcity in understanding and leveraging GenAI, this platform serves as a crucial step in accelerating solution development with limited resources. The goal is to democratize the process of AI tool creation, making it accessible even to those lacking traditional coding expertise.

The AI skills factory is a space where non-engineers can learn and build AI skills in a secure, code-minimal environment. Malhotra elaborates on the addition of new, user-friendly building blocks to the platform. These blocks simplify the complexities of GenAI, enabling even non-coders to experiment and innovate. This approach not only accelerates application development but also broadens employee participation in creating impactful solutions.

Central to the platform’s design is a focus on safety and governance. The sandboxed environment ensures that proprietary content remains secure, while built-in tools manage data governance and mitigate bias in AI models. This intuitive, low-code/no-code setup allows subject-matter experts to evaluate the effectiveness of their AI creations in solving real-world problems.

Thomson Reuters’ generative AI platform is a testament to the importance of combining technological prowess with domain expertise. Malhotra highlights that the unique blend of cutting-edge technology and specialized content sets this platform apart, offering distinctive solutions in the market.