TikTok has unveiled TikTok Symphony, a new AI-powered suite of creative tools designed to simplify content creation for marketers and creators.

Announced via a blog post, Symphony evolves from the Creative Assistant to offer features like script generation, creative idea suggestions, and more, all aimed at making the creative process easier and more efficient.

Symphony integrates with Adobe Express and TikTok’s Ads Manager, offering tools for auto-diagnostics, optimization, and AI-generated display cards. Users can import assets or URLs and generate a video in under 60 seconds. This includes stock avatars created from footage of licensed paid actors, ensuring quick and professional content creation.

TikTok Symphony stands out by automatically labeling AI-generated content, a feature not commonly found on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, which rely on manual labeling. This automatic labeling helps identify AI-generated content, potentially reducing the spread of deepfakes and maintaining content authenticity.

Using the Symphony Assistant in Adobe Express allows users to access TikTok‘s vast Commercial Music Library. This integration enables marketers and advertisers to quickly create, score, and publish trendy TikTok-first content. With support throughout the content creation process, Symphony ensures creators can produce engaging content efficiently and effectively.