Tonik Bank has joined forces with Gupshup to elevate customer service through the implementation of a GenAI chatbot.

Gupshup, the Conversation Cloud, has teamed up with Tonik Bank, the Philippines’ digital-only neobank, to launch a GenAI chatbot within Tonik’s mobile app. This partnership aims to enhance customer interactions by providing instant and precise responses to frequently asked questions.

Powered by Gupshup’s advanced NLP and ML technologies, the chatbot understands and responds to queries with human-like accuracy and empathy. Leveraging the latest AI advancements, it engages in contextual conversations, offering personalized and relevant information to customers.

Tonik Bank is pioneering the use of GenAI in customer service within the Philippines’ digital banking sector. By integrating the chatbot into its app, Tonik aims to offer instant information access, reduce wait times, and boost overall customer satisfaction. According to Sateesh Reddy, Tonik Bank’s Deputy Chief Technology Officer, the integration of Gupshup’s ACE LLM has transformed operations by automating routine tasks and enhancing efficiency.

This GenAI chatbot is expected to save Tonik over $20 million in the next three years, underscoring its financial benefits. Beerud Sheth, co-founder and CEO of Gupshup, highlighted that this partnership exemplifies the future of the BFSI sector by emphasizing seamless, personalized, and efficient customer experiences.