Ulta partners with MYAVANA, employing AI for tailored hair care recommendations, marking a step forward in beauty inclusivity.

Ulta Beauty, a leader in the makeup retail space, has joined forces with MYAVANA, a Black-owned beauty tech firm, to introduce an AI-driven Virtual Hair Analysis tool. This collaboration highlights a significant move towards offering personalized, inclusive product suggestions online.

The beauty sector often grapples with providing solutions that cater to the diverse needs of individuals with textured hair. MYAVANA’s AI tool addresses this by delivering precise hair care recommendations, based on an analysis of two billion hair strands, to enhance the shopping experience for every customer, regardless of hair type.

This partnership not only enriches Ulta’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity but also empowers customers with a deeper understanding of their hair needs. By integrating MYAVANA’s technology, Ulta is set to redefine how consumers discover and select hair care products, ensuring a highly personalized and satisfying shopping journey.

The initiative leverages MYAVANA’s GenAI technology, showcasing how AI can drive progress in the beauty industry by bridging the gap between diverse consumer needs and product offerings. The support from Ulta’s innovation fund, Prisma Ventures, and the BrainTrust Fund, underscores the potential of GenAI to revolutionize beauty retail.