Walmart uses GPT-4’s LLM language capabilities to boost text-to-shop. The AI model helps Walmart reduce costs while providing personalized assistance to customers.

Walmart, the behemoth of retail, is reshaping its customer interaction landscape by embracing OpenAI’s GPT-4, as revealed by Desirée Gosby, VP of Emerging Technology. This strategic move aligns with the company’s vision of a generative AI-driven future, rivalling the transformative impact of mobile technology.

Walmart’s journey with AI isn’t new, with its roots tracing back to Google’s BERT models. The retailer’s current focus is on enhancing natural language understanding, aiming to transcend basic task-oriented chatbots to more complex, problem-solving ones. The company envisions a future where AI not only responds but anticipates customer needs, albeit with a cautious approach to privacy and responsibility.

The use of GenAI at Walmart is not limited to customer interactions. The company is exploring multimodal applications of GenAI, such as creating 3D product models, which could revolutionize both customer experience and internal processes. While Walmart is open to various integrations, including a possible ChatGPT plugin, its guiding principle remains customer-centric, seeking to deliver tangible benefits to its users.