WhatsApp is incorporating GenAI to introduce two new features: a GenAI-powered photo editor and an intelligent chatbot.

These additions are designed to enhance the creativity and efficiency of user interactions within the app. The GenAI photo editor allows users to artistically modify images by applying effects, changing backgrounds, or easily resizing photos. This tool empowers users to transform their photos into personalized artworks or adjust them to fit their sharing needs within WhatsApp’s interface.

Alongside the photo editor, WhatsApp is testing a chatbot powered by Meta’s AI technology. It aims to provide users with immediate answers and information directly within the app, eliminating the need to exit WhatsApp for external searches. Whether it’s fact verification or message translation, the chatbot is designed to enhance the user experience by offering real-time assistance.

Both features signify WhatsApp’s commitment to leveraging GenAI to create a more interactive and user-friendly platform. The GenAI photo editor, in particular, showcases the potential of GenAI in personalizing user content, while the AI chatbot underscores the technology’s role in simplifying information retrieval and interaction.

These GenAI and AI enhancements are part of a phased introduction, promising to make the WhatsApp experience smarter and more adaptable for its global user base. By integrating these intelligent features, WhatsApp sets a new standard for how users communicate and express themselves on the platform.