YouTube’s Dream Track personalizes music creation, turning simple melodies into superstar voices with GenAI.

YouTube is entering the music scene with its new GenAI feature, Dream Track. This nifty tool empowers users to create their own songs using the voices of their favorite artists. Dream Track signifies a leap into personalized entertainment, using GenAI to transform simple melodies into 30-second masterpieces.

This launch follows YouTube’s recent announcement of new AI-generated music regulations in response to a viral “Drake” song earlier this year. The move syncs up with YouTube’s partnership with Universal Music, all about safeguarding the interests of major music labels while exploring GenAI’s creative potential.

Dream Track is currently in the testing phase with a select group of U.S. users. It’s got voices from artists like Charlie Puth, Sia, and more. So, anyone can get their creative juices flowing and make tracks that sound like their musical idols – all with a few simple clicks. It’s tailor-made for YouTube Shorts, too, just like TikTok.

But YouTube isn’t stopping there. They’re rolling out other GenAI music tools, like turning hummed melodies into saxophone solos or transforming beatboxing into catchy drum loops. All this is powered by Google DeepMind’s Lyria, and each track comes stamped with a SynthID watermark so users can always tell it’s GenAI.