YouTube introduces a GenAI assistant for real-time video queries, enhancing viewer interaction and accessibility.

Google is enhancing YouTube with a new GenAI feature designed to enrich viewer interaction by answering questions about videos in real time. This AI assistant allows viewers to inquire about content they are watching, providing on-the-spot answers without disrupting the video playback.

The feature is currently in a limited testing phase, available only to select YouTube Premium subscribers in the US. Users on Android can access this functionality by clicking an “Ask” button displayed beneath eligible videos. This button prompts users to type questions or select from preset queries such as video summaries or recommendations for related content. The AI then analyzes both the video content and the user’s questions to generate relevant responses quickly.

Currently, not all videos include this feature. Google is implementing it gradually, marking supported videos with the “Ask” option. Users must agree to Google’s GenAI terms to activate the feature.

This trial, set to conclude on May 1, serves as a test bed for Google to evaluate user engagement and gather feedback. Depending on the outcomes, Google may integrate this feature permanently into the YouTube platform. This initiative is part of a broader effort by Google to integrate AI responsibly across its services, including requiring YouTube creators to disclose AI-generated content and introducing AI disclaimer labels for videos on sensitive topics like politics or health.