Spotify’s Creative Lab is transforming advertising with GenAI ads, offering brands a unique way to engage with 615 million listeners.

Spotify has launched Creative Lab, its first in-house creative agency, to help brands craft tailored marketing campaigns. Alongside this, Spotify is testing GenAI to create voiceover ads, which signifies its increasing focus on attracting advertisers.

Brands face challenges creating high-quality, engaging ads, often requiring significant resources and time. Spotify’s new AI tool, Quick Audio, addresses this by generating scripts and voiceovers using GenAI. Soon available in Spotify Ads Managers, the tool simplifies ad creation, making it accessible and efficient for brands.

The use of GenAI in ad creation offers many benefits. Brands can quickly produce personalized and engaging audio ads tailored to Spotify’s diverse audience of 615 million listeners. This personalization can enhance listener engagement and improve ad effectiveness, providing a competitive edge for advertisers.

Spotify’s Creative Lab ensures each campaign is customized to the brand’s needs. For example, Rockstar Energy Drink used the lab to launch a “Press Play” livestream concert series featuring artists like Stormzy directly within the Spotify app. Similarly, Aperol has joined the roster, leveraging Creative Lab’s expertise for their campaigns.