Zebra Technologies collaborates with Google Cloud to deploy GenAI, boosting frontline productivity and decision-making.

Zebra Technologies partners with Google Cloud, Android, and Qualcomm to bring GenAI into the workforce. This collaboration aims to boost employee efficiency and will debut at the 2024 Google Cloud Next event in Las Vegas. The integration focuses on easing the workload for frontline staff, enhancing decision-making, and speeding up the onboarding process.

A new tool will offer a chat interface on handheld devices, providing quick access to important data, answering questions, and handling tasks. Utilizing GenAI, this tool taps into extensive databases covering operational rules, policies, and training, to supply workers with crucial insights for top performance and customer service.

CTO Tom Bianculli from Zebra highlights this step towards applying GenAI for workplace productivity, promising a future where planning and action tools integrate effortlessly in businesses. GenAI will enable instant, relevant advice, schedule tasks, and automate replies, improving work environments and customer service.

Experts expand on GenAI’s impact, showing its role in predictive analytics and system optimization. They also discuss AI’s broader contributions beyond business, including in nonprofit and scientific areas, showcasing AI’s comprehensive benefits across different fields.