Amazon Music steps into the future of music curation with Maestro, its new AI-powered playlist generator now in beta for select U.S. users.

Amazon Music is elevating the playlist creation experience by introducing Maestro, its innovative AI playlist generator. Currently in beta for a limited number of U.S. customers across all service tiers, Maestro simplifies the art of playlist assembly, using GenAI to transform user inputs—from emojis to moods—into tailored music collections. This new feature underscores Amazon Music’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance user interaction and enjoyment.

Upon initiating Maestro, users can input a variety of prompts, such as emotional cues, activities, or even specific sounds, to generate personalized playlists. This intuitive interface allows for creativity and spontaneity in music selection, making playlist creation user-friendly and highly engaging. For example, prompts like “😭 and eating 🍝” or “Myspace era hip-hop” quickly yield thematic playlists that resonate with individual tastes and memories.

Additionally, Maestro incorporates safeguards against inappropriate content, ensuring a positive user experience. As the feature undergoes beta testing, Amazon Music is actively seeking feedback to refine Maestro’s functionality, aiming for a broader rollout.

The launch of Maestro represents a significant step forward in personalized music services, promising a dynamic and interactive way for users to explore and enjoy music. With plans to expand access and continuously improve the system, Maestro is set to redefine how music lovers engage with Amazon Music’s vast library.