Amazon introduces a new AI-powered shopping assistant, enhancing customer experience and streamlining product queries.

Amazon has launched an innovative AI tool designed to respond to customer inquiries about products. This addition is part of Amazon’s broader strategy to integrate GenAI across its platforms, simplifying the shopping process for its users. Maria Boschetti, an Amazon spokesperson, emphasized their commitment to enhancing customer convenience with this GenAI-driven feature.

The tool, accessible via Amazon’s mobile app, allows users to pose product-specific questions and delivers swift and accurate responses. It synthesizes information from reviews and product listings to generate helpful answers. This feature aims to eliminate the need for customers to sift through numerous reviews or detailed listings to find relevant product information.

Notably, Amazon’s AI tool doesn’t facilitate conversations like OpenAI’s ChatGPT but can respond to creative prompts, such as composing product-related haikus or descriptions in unique styles. It maintains a focused approach, avoiding off-topic responses or questions it cannot answer.

Amazon has been progressively integrating AI into various aspects of its platform. Recent initiatives include AI-summarized product reviews and AI tools assisting third-party sellers in creating effective listings and advertisements. The company’s CEO, Andy Jassy, highlighted the transformative impact of GenAI in enhancing customer experiences and providing accessible tools for developers and business users alike.