Duve acquires Easyway, enhancing guest experiences in hospitality with cutting-edge GenAI technology.

Duve, an innovator in guest experience platforms based in Tel Aviv, has recently acquired Easyway, a renowned hotel technology provider specializing in AI-driven guest messaging. This strategic move marks a pivotal advancement in personalized hospitality technology, emphasizing the companies’ shared vision of leveraging GenAI for enriched global guest experiences.

Easyway, established in 2017, has revolutionized guest communication in the hospitality industry with its advanced AI-agent platform. Adopted by numerous prestigious hotels and chains across Europe and Asia, Easyway’s GenAI technology has significantly improved hotel operations, guest interactions, and relationship building. This acquisition by Duve aims to merge these technological strides, combining Duve’s personalization capabilities with Easyway’s GenAI expertise. The merger is anticipated to transform communication between hoteliers, vacation rental property managers, and guests, thereby enhancing guest satisfaction and addressing labor shortages in the industry.

David Mezuman, CEO and co-founder of Duve, emphasizes that acquiring Easyway aligns with Duve’s vision to lead the hospitality sector through technology. He highlights the merger as a strategic step towards enhancing Duve’s capabilities and service offerings. Yaniv Holzer, co-founder and COO of Easyway, also expressed enthusiasm for the merger, noting the shared vision of redefining guest experiences using AI.

Shai Bar, co-founder and CTO of Duve, adds that Easyway’s proven AI and communication solution will further strengthen Duve’s all-in-one guest experience platform, setting new industry benchmarks. This acquisition is set to redefine the standard in GenAI-driven guest experiences, offering innovative services to hoteliers and vacation rental hosts worldwide.