Eboost embraces GenAI for personalized marketing and product innovation, collaborating with Native to create digital twins of its customers.

Eboost, a prominent player in the health-focused energy product market, is employing GenAI to enhance its understanding of consumer behaviors, thereby boosting product innovation and personalized marketing. Collaborating with Native, a market intelligence firm, Eboost is creating digital profiles of its target customers to gain insights into their preferences and buying patterns.

These digital profiles enable Eboost to engage in meaningful conversations with customers, allowing the company to refine marketing strategies and improve its product offerings based on individual preferences. This approach aligns with industry trends observed in companies like Nestle and General Mills, where GenAI has proven valuable for optimizing operations and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Eboost’s marketing campaigns have experienced increased customer engagement and higher sales, thanks to a more nuanced understanding of consumer pain points and future preferences. Additionally, GenAI assists in identifying gaps in the market, enabling Eboost to tailor its product lineup to better meet customer demands.

Thomas Ortis, Eboost’s Chief Marketing Officer, underscores the significant potential of GenAI in consumer businesses. As this technology continues to evolve, offering improved accuracy and user-friendliness, it is increasingly evident in Eboost’s daily operations, leading to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.