Frontier Law Center has partnered with Eve to pioneer the AI-Native revolution in legal services.

As the first “AI-Native Law Firm,” Frontier Law Center is integrating AI across all operational facets, from case analysis to litigation, in a move that marks a significant leap in productivity and innovation. This strategic partnership aims to tackle case and information overload efficiently, delivering enhanced services for more clients without the added cost or staff burden.

The partnership with Eve signifies a new era where AI – including GenAI – is not just a tool but a fundamental part of the firm’s strategy. The goal is to ensure a smarter, faster, and more effective legal process. The concept of an AI-Native Law Firm signifies a shift towards fully embedding AI in the litigation lifecycle, multiplying the firm’s capabilities and setting a new standard for legal excellence.

Manny Starr, Frontier’s Managing Partner, highlights the transformative potential of AI in legal practices, enabling the firm to handle more cases with greater efficiency and innovation. With Eve’s AI assistance, lawyers can enhance their strategic capabilities by freeing themselves from mundane tasks and focusing on more complex legal challenges.

This collaboration also underscores the commitment to responsible AI use within the legal sector. The aim is to ensure that advancements in legal tech uphold the highest ethical standards and professional responsibility. Eve’s platform promises secure and confidential handling of client data, paving the way for other law firms to adopt this AI-Native model.