IKEA is redefining the retail experience by integrating GenAI into its services, offering customers personalized home design assistance.

With the launch of a GenAI chatbot in the U.S., shoppers now have access to an AI design assistant capable of making tailored suggestions for home furnishings. This initiative is part of IKEA’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance customer satisfaction and service efficiency.

The chatbot works with IKEA Kreativ, a tool that enables customers to visualize furniture in their own spaces using mixed reality. This GenAI-driven approach allows for a highly customized shopping experience, where users can experiment with different styles, colors, and layouts before purchasing. Parag Parekh, IKEA Retail’s Chief Digital Officer, emphasizes that GenAI transforms the traditional shopping journey into a more dynamic and interactive process.

Beyond customer interaction, IKEA also focuses on operational improvements and staff enablement through GenAI. An AI toolbox, based on a customized version of Microsoft’s Bing co-pilot, assists staff in efficiently creating and adapting marketing content. Moreover, GenAI applications in supply chain management, including autonomous mobile robots in IKEA’s Tianjin distribution center, are setting new standards for efficiency and sustainability.

Recognizing the potential challenges and ethical considerations of GenAI, IKEA has established a dedicated task force. This team ensures that GenAI deployments are beneficial and fair, prioritizing human values, fairness, and privacy. Additionally, an AI literacy program is underway to educate 3,000 staff members on AI’s ethical and responsible use, underlining IKEA’s commitment to a future where technology and ethical responsibility go hand in hand.