Walmart pioneers GenAI integration, transforming shopping experiences and streamlining operations for better efficiency and customer service.

Walmart is leading the way in retail innovation by incorporating GenAI throughout its operations, improving customer experiences and operational efficiency. This forward-thinking initiative positions Walmart as a trendsetter in the industry.

Enhanced Shopping Convenience

Walmart simplifies the shopping process by implementing voice shopping and text-to-shop features. Customers can effortlessly add products to their carts using voice commands or texts and benefit from personalized recommendations based on their shopping history.

GenAI-Driven Customer Assistance

Walmart introduces an AI shopping assistant to help customers find products easily, from event planning to gift selection, making shopping more intuitive. The in-store “Ask Sam” voice assistant boosts associates’ efficiency by instantly providing product details, prices, and stock levels.

Improved Service and Efficiency

Utilizing GenAI for customer service chatbots, Walmart enhances response times and accuracy in addressing customer needs. The experimental application of GenAI in supplier negotiations shows promise in reducing costs and streamlining operations, gaining approval from suppliers for its effectiveness.

Innovative Employee Involvement

Walmart empowers its workforce to explore GenAI applications in their roles, driving innovation and optimizing tasks. This strategy boosts technology engagement among employees and uncovers practical GenAI uses, contributing to the company’s operational excellence.