Instacart has effectively integrated GenAI to optimize both customer interactions and internal processes.

At the heart of Instacart’s customer-facing technology is the Ask Instacart feature, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Integrated within the app’s search bar, this tool simplifies shopping by providing instant personalized advice and recommendations. Customers can inquire about anything from meal suggestions to dietary products, receiving tailored answers that encourage them to discover and purchase new items directly through the app. This not only enriches the customer experience but also retains user engagement on the Instacart platform.

Instacart enhances the culinary experience with a ChatGPT plugin that transforms recipe browsing into a streamlined shopping process. Users can request a recipe, receive a tailored list of ingredients, and, with a few clicks, have those items sorted and delivered. This seamless integration of recipe discovery and shopping addresses the needs of busy consumers looking for quick and hassle-free meal preparation solutions.

Internally, GenAI serves as a productivity powerhouse for Instacart. The company utilizes AI for a variety of tasks, including code generation and operational support. During tech migrations, for example, AI tools assist in creating essential custom code, speeding up complex processes. Moreover, AI-driven analysis tools help manage retailer interactions by summarizing and categorizing communication tickets, which enhances response strategies and operational prioritization.

Through these innovative uses of GenAI, Instacart not only improves customer interactions but also achieves significant operational efficiencies. These advancements underscore the transformative potential of GenAI in the retail industry.