LG Energy Solution adopts GenAI to streamline operations and enhance customer insights across its global battery production.

Korean battery manufacturer LG Energy Solution integrates GenAI throughout its company structure to optimize efficiency and better understand customer needs. One of the initial steps in this integration is deploying the “YouTube Trend Report” tool, which leverages AI to scrutinize battery-related YouTube content, extracting and summarizing key trends for internal distribution.

This GenAI tool compiles insights into concise email reports, including video links and detailed commentary, accessible to hundreds of employees across various departments. The impact of these AI-driven trend reports is already noticeable, particularly in supply chain management, where they aid in strategically sourcing crucial metals, enhancing the agility and responsiveness of the company’s operations.

Further expanding its GenAI capabilities, LG Energy Solution has introduced a conversational AI chatbot tailored for HR queries. This system, trained on the firm’s HR protocols, provides immediate answers to new employees’ questions, ranging from holiday policies to leave requests, thus streamlining the onboarding process.

By the end of the year, LG plans to launch an “AI Integrated Platform” that will extend GenAI applications to all areas of its operations, including contract management, enterprise resource planning, and battery manufacturing. The overarching goal is to harness GenAI to foster data-driven decision-making, elevate productivity, and deliver enhanced customer value, accelerating LG’s digital transformation in the dynamic battery market.