Magnifi leverages GenAI to turn cricket match highlights into engaging content for avid fans and newcomers.

The T20 Cricket World Cup is making its debut in the United States soon, and engaging both seasoned fans and newcomers to cricket is a major challenge. With the help of GenAI, Magnifi aims to simplify cricket by condensing matches into easy-to-understand highlights, making it easier to comprehend and appreciate the game. Meghna Krishna, Magnifi’s CRO, explains that the company is focused on creating a Gen Z-friendly version of cricket that emphasizes key moments instead of lengthy matches.

Magnifi’s flagship offering, Digital Highlights Pro, makes creating and distributing personalized, bite-sized videos easier. This is achieved through AI tools and algorithms that help identify pivotal moments in a match, tag actions and players, and produce concise highlights. Not only does this process broaden content accessibility, but it also ensures that crucial sports moments efficiently reach a wider audience.

Magnifi’s system extends beyond mere content condensation. It enriches each clip with relevant data like player actions, match specifics, and team details, enhancing sports highlights’ storytelling. This approach educates newcomers about cricket’s nuances and opens avenues for deeper analysis and appreciation of players’ skills and game strategies.

Krishna highlights Magnifi’s dedication to discovering new dimensions of content creation, encompassing player technique analysis and wider sports narratives, all aimed at fostering a richer sports culture. With GenAI’s increasing involvement in content production, Magnifi is committed to delivering a future where sports storytelling is more dynamic, inclusive, and promptly distributed across various platforms.