Sevilla FC pairs with IBM to launch Scout Advisor, a groundbreaking GenAI tool reshaping player scouting.

Sevilla FC, in collaboration with IBM, has unveiled Scout Advisor, an ingenious GenAI solution revolutionizing football scouting. Anchored in IBM’s watsonx platform, this tool is a beacon of innovation in player recruitment. By integrating GenAI, Sevilla FC transforms scouting, merging human insights with data-driven analysis.

Scout Advisor, crafted alongside IBM’s Client Engineering Team, leverages watsonx’s potent natural language processing and foundational models. It efficiently mines Sevilla FC’s vast player database, blending quantitative metrics like player performance with qualitative assessments from over 200,000 scouting reports. This hybrid approach catapults the club’s scouting prowess to new heights.

The tool’s advanced language models offer a refined method for identifying prospects and creating lists of potential recruits tailored to specific scouting criteria. This enables an intricate summary of each player’s capabilities, connecting seamlessly to Sevilla FC’s internal data systems for deeper performance insights.

Sevilla FC, known for its extensive player evaluation database and knack for discovering emerging talents, now adds another layer to its scouting strategy. Scout Advisor represents a pivotal shift from traditional scouting methods, balancing data-centric analysis with nuanced, human observations often missed in raw metrics. This harmonization of data and human insight promises more astute and efficient player recruitment.

Sevilla FC’s partnership with IBM epitomizes the club’s ongoing commitment to leveraging GenAI in football operations. By integrating watsonx into their data architecture, Sevilla FC aims to elevate ROI through faster, more informed recruitment decisions.