SAP transforms soccer scouting with GenAI, enhancing FC Bayern’s talent search.

SAP is setting a new standard in sports analytics by introducing GenAI into its SAP Sports One solution, revolutionizing how soccer clubs like FC Bayern and Hertha BSC approach scouting. The automation of scouting report summaries and evaluations marks a significant leap forward, offering a blend of speed and insight previously unseen in the sports industry.

The challenge of scouting is monumental, involving analyzing detailed statistical data and potential player performance. SAP’s GenAI-powered solution transforms this daunting task by automating the aggregation of scouting reports, enabling club decision-makers to access comprehensive player insights instantly. This innovation streamlines the scouting process and enhances the accuracy and efficiency of transfer decisions.

An LLM capable of processing unstructured data in various languages and styles is central to this advancement. Utilizing OpenAI’s GPT for its foundation, the model offers flexibility in command inputs, allowing for seamless integration across global soccer clubs. Scouts can now generate summaries and transfer recommendations in multiple languages, tailored to specific management requirements.

This co-innovation with FC Bayern and Hertha BSC has already demonstrated the transformative power of GenAI in sports, yielding high-quality, automated analysis that promises significant time savings, especially during critical transfer periods.

Looking ahead, SAP aims to enrich scouting reports with external data sources further and extend AI capabilities across other facets of sports management, from performance diagnostics to match analysis. The global rollout of SAP Sports One with AI-powered scouting is anticipated in the second quarter of 2024.