F1’s dream circuit, blending iconic turns and landmarks, was brought to life by Sky Sports and GenAI.

Sky Sports has unveiled “The Greatest Track on Earth,” a virtual F1 circuit that integrates iconic landmarks and challenging turns from the sport’s most beloved tracks. This innovative creation was developed with GenAI after surveying over 4,000 F1 enthusiasts ahead of the 2024 season. The survey results helped to piece together fan favorites like Monza’s Parabolica and the Senna ‘S’ at Interlagos into one 6km marvel.

Lewis Hamilton, chosen by fans, is set to navigate this illustrious track, showcasing the best of F1’s global circuitry—from the Swimming Pool chicane in Monaco to Spa’s Eau Rouge. This AI-powered endeavor not only highlights the sport’s rich history and diversity but also propels fan interaction into a new era, merging real-world imagery with AI-enhanced fantasy elements to capture the essence of F1 racing.

The track’s design, featuring ten distinct circuits, was crafted using the AI creative platform Midjourney. It incorporates elements like Silverstone in the rain and Baku’s narrow castle section, with Mount Fuji and the Austin observation tower, adding a touch of global grandeur.

Jenson Button, Sky Sports analyst and former world champion, praised the initiative for embodying the spirit of F1, combining speed, glamour, and the unpredictable elements that define the sport. This project not only honors F1’s rich history but also envisions a future where technology and tradition unite to elevate the fan experience.