The Masters Tournament is teaming up with IBM to bring GenAI into golf, introducing Spanish commentary and real-time shot analysis.

This innovation aims to deepen engagement with the global audience, leveraging GenAI to offer unprecedented access and insights into the game.

For the first time, the tournament will feature real-time analysis for every shot, made possible by IBM’s GenAI technology. It automates English and Spanish commentary over 20,000 shots and ensures diverse and engaging content through sophisticated language models. The introduction of GenAI commentary last year marked the beginning of a more immersive fan experience.

IBM’s Watsonx platform is at the heart of this transformation, employing text-to-speech functions and AI algorithms specifically trained in the nuances of golf and the storied tradition of the Masters. This approach allows for generating dynamic, personalized commentary, moving beyond simple translation to create a native understanding in multiple languages.

The ‘Hole Insights’ feature represents another major advancement, offering fans data-driven analysis through the tournament’s official app and website. By processing current and historical data, this feature provides fans with detailed projections and insights, all rendered in easily understandable language thanks to natural language processing. This GenAI application enriches the viewing experience and addresses the challenge of making complex golf statistics accessible to a wider audience.

Together, these GenAI initiatives by the Masters and IBM signify a significant step forward in sports technology, offering fans richer, more informed, and more engaging ways to enjoy one of golf’s premier events.