TacticAI transforms football strategy with GenAI, giving Liverpool FC an edge in corner kicks.

Google DeepMind and Liverpool FC have teamed up to introduce a project called TacticAI. This project aims to improve football strategies for corner kicks with the help of GenAI. TacticAI is a new system that uses geometric deep learning to handle football’s unpredictability, especially during corner kicks.

Football is a complex game, and high-quality data is scarce. However, TacticAI excels by creating a graph of player positions and relationships, which enhances its predictive capabilities. Experts prefer this AI assistant for its tactical insights, and it has been successful 90% of the time.

The system addresses critical tactical questions, from predicting the likely outcomes of corner setups to analyzing past tactics for improved future performance. By simulating different scenarios, TacticAI allows coaches to explore various tactical adjustments, aiming to optimize their chances of success on the field. Its capability to model and adjust player positions in real-time translates into strategic advantages, aiding coaches in decision-making.

TacticAI’s approach significantly streamlines the tactical planning process. Traditionally reliant on manual game analysis, coaches can now leverage AI to identify effective tactics and counter-strategies efficiently. Its generative model forecasts game outcomes and suggests modifications to enhance defensive and offensive setups, marking a notable advancement in sports analytics.