The NBA debuts ‘NB-AI,’ transforming live sports viewing with real-time, GenAI-powered personalization.

The NBA has launched a new tool called NB-AI, which uses GenAI technology. This tool will change how fans engage with live games through digital platforms. During the All-Star Weekend, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and San Antonio Spurs player Victor Wembanyama demonstrated how NB-AI works. It offers a voice-activated assistant that transforms live game footage into entirely new real-time content based on the user’s commands.

The tool answers fan queries by analyzing live videos and offers an unmatched degree of personalization to the viewing experience. For instance, during Silver and Wembanyama’s presentation, NB-AI transformed an Indiana Pacers game into a Spider-Man movie-like aesthetic with superhero-style animations and dramatic music.

The NBA’s All-Star Weekend, now a showcase for cutting-edge technology, featured other notable innovations like a full video LED court and a metaverse experience by immersive tech specialist Meetkai.

This continued embrace of technology, from live streaming and digital collectibles to partnerships with major tech companies, underscores the NBA’s commitment to enhancing the fan experience and exploring new avenues of engagement through GenAI.