Wimbledon 2024 introduces ‘Catch Me Up,’ leveraging IBM’s Watsonx GenAI to provide real-time, personalized updates for tennis enthusiasts.

Wimbledon’s new Catch Me Up tool, powered by IBM’s Watsonx GenAI, delivers real-time player updates via concise “cards” on Wimbledon.com and its app. This innovation is based on a 30-year partnership between Wimbledon and IBM. It processes over 2.7 million data points yearly from structured and unstructured sources like Sportsradar, ensuring detailed and timely summaries for every match.

Chris Clements, AELTC Digital Products Lead, emphasized the importance of evolving with technology. “By utilizing the latest tools and world-leading expertise from IBM, we are able to innovate to ensure enduring relevance.” This year’s GenAI enhancements highlight even lesser-known matches, providing comprehensive coverage during early rounds and for junior and wheelchair competitions.

Kevin Farrar, IBM UK’s Head of Sport Partnerships, noted the tool’s training in Wimbledon’s traditional tone. GenAI-generated spoken commentary on highlight reels and closed captions enhances accessibility and engagement. Farrar explained, “We bring the next level of data to the fan, using machine learning to highlight unseen moments.”

IBM research shows that 75% of tennis fans believe GenAI positively impacts the sport, enhancing strategy, coaching, and talent identification. Catch Me Up exemplifies how GenAI deepens fan engagement, making Wimbledon accessible to millions worldwide through innovative digital experiences.