Marcum LLP launches, a novel GenAI tool in partnership with Microsoft Azure OpenAI, enhancing team productivity.

Marcum LLP, a prominent accounting and advisory giant, recently introduced, a breakthrough GenAI application designed to boost employee productivity and efficiency. Developed by Marcum Technology’s innovation arm, Marcum Labs, the tool is ingeniously integrated within Microsoft Teams, exclusively for firm employees.

This innovative integration sets apart in the accounting sector. Embedding a custom GenAI interface into Teams not only elevates its accessibility but also fortifies its security, making it a reliable AI assistant for Marcum’s team members. Whether at their desks or on the go, employees can leverage this tool within their daily workflow, promising enhanced communication, knowledge exchange, and problem-solving capabilities.

Peter Scavuzzo, the Chief Information & Digital Officer and CEO of Marcum Technology, highlights the firm’s dedication to technological leadership and innovation. By equipping employees with, Marcum aims to streamline routine tasks, freeing up valuable time for core job functions. This aligns with their commitment to providing exceptional client services through technical expertise and experience.

The tool’s backbone is the OpenAI’s ChatGPT model via Azure OpenAI Service, marking a significant step in operational efficiency using secure, professional GenAI technology. Marco Casalaina from Microsoft applauds Marcum’s initiative, recognizing the potential of such collaborations in enhancing workplace experiences.

Notably, is intended for internal use, ensuring Marcum upholds the highest standards of confidentiality and security. Its introduction fortifies Marcum’s suite of technology solutions, cementing its leadership position in the accounting industry and commitment to leveraging advanced technologies for internal and client success.