Mercedes-Benz harnesses ChatGPT for smarter production, integrating it into MO360, their digital production ecosystem, to enhance quality management and process optimization.

Mercedes-Benz AG is trailblazing in the automotive industry by testing ChatGPT in their production processes. This initiative, part of their MO360 digital production ecosystem first introduced in 2020, aims to optimize the analysis of production data, such as those from quality management. ChatGPT serves as a universal, language-based interface, aiding employees in production. This integration exemplifies how GenAI can streamline critical processes like error identification, analysis, and overall quality management in manufacturing.

The company has integrated ChatGPT through Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service, utilizing the cloud and AI platform’s enterprise features. This move underlines Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to digital transformation and process innovation in production. Jörg Burzer, a board member at Mercedes-Benz Group AG, highlights this integration as a leap in digitalizing production, empowering employees to enhance processes sustainably.

ChatGPT’s role extends to analyzing various quality data sourced from development, customer experiences, and production. It aids quality engineers by clustering data for more efficient error identification. Simplifying complex evaluations and presentations of production-relevant data, ChatGPT democratizes access to crucial information for employees, even those without programming skills.

This GenAI tool facilitates dialogue-driven queries, ensuring real-time data processing while maintaining data within Mercedes-Benz’s MO360 Data Platform. It enables employees to refine questions to a granular level, leading to actionable insights and facilitating real-time adjustments in production planning. Additionally, ChatGPT aids in making strategic decisions swiftly across the entire production chain.

The “MO360 Support Bot,” a round-the-clock advisory service, represents another facet of ChatGPT’s integration, providing a digital AI-based contact point for global employees. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz ensures data privacy and security through its collaboration with Microsoft, leveraging Azure AI’s generative models alongside enterprise-grade security and privacy features.

In line with its AI principles of responsible use, explainability, privacy protection, and safety, Mercedes-Benz continually enhances this system for all employees, keeping potential risks in check.