Windward’s new MAI Expert is a GenAI-powered virtual agent designed to enhance maritime risk management and productivity.

Maritime AI company Windward has announced the launch of MAI Expert, a GenAI-driven virtual agent designed to optimize maritime risk management and global trade. This new tool integrates GenAI with Windward’s proprietary data and maritime expertise, aiming to improve productivity and provide deeper domain insights.

MAI Expert addresses significant challenges in the maritime industry, such as the shortage of human expertise and decreased productivity due to complex risk management requirements. By leveraging Amazon Bedrock’s high-performing foundation models and Windward’s unique maritime logistics data, MAI Expert offers more relevant and accurate responses. This results in enhanced efficiency, reduced vessel screening and investigation times, and automated processes. The agent is trained in general maritime operations, sanctions regulations, and Windward’s extensive data repository, enabling rapid and comprehensive vessel risk assessments.

“Generative AI is a key step in revolutionizing global trade with our proprietary data,” said Ami Daniel, Co-founder & CEO of Windward. “Integrating GenAI into our platform enhances productivity and automation for our customers. The introduction of MAI Expert is just the beginning of our extensive GenAI roadmap.”

Initially, MAI Expert is implemented in the Windward vessel profile, analyzing risk parameters like global regulatory indicators and P&I insurance to generate detailed risk assessments. It scans news outlets for adverse media, highlights potential red flags, and provides actionable recommendations. The agent drafts external communications, standardizing and streamlining the risk management process, cutting screening times by about 20 minutes per screening, and delivering significant ROI for users.