United Airlines employs GenAI to enhance transparency for over 6,000 flight delays, providing detailed reasons to passengers and improving trust.

United Airlines has strategically incorporated GenAI to transform how flight delays are communicated to passengers. This initiative, part of their ‘Every Flight Has a Story’ program, leverages human expertise and GenAI capabilities to provide clearer, more detailed explanations of delays. Initially, passengers received vague notifications, but now, thanks to GenAI, the reasons behind delays—like runway construction—are communicated more transparently.

The integration of GenAI allows the system to scan flight data and generate preliminary alerts, which human storytellers then refine. This hybrid approach ensures accuracy and maintains the unique voice of United Airlines. Storytellers have the option to edit or approve these GenAI-crafted messages, enhancing the relevance and clarity of the information provided.

However, integrating GenAI into operations hasn’t been without challenges. The AI occasionally generates grammatically incorrect or irrelevant messages. This requires a robust human-in-the-loop system to continually train and improve the GenAI model based on real-time feedback. This process is crucial for maintaining the quality and reliability of the information sent to passengers.

Despite these hurdles, the benefits are significant. The enhanced communication strategy has positively impacted customer satisfaction and trust. It has also streamlined operations by enabling the storytelling team to handle more messages efficiently, ensuring timely updates are delivered to passengers.