Mercedes-Benz integrates ChatGPT into MBUX voice control for smarter in-car conversations.

Starting June 16, 2023, Mercedes-Benz will kick off a beta phase in the United States, targeting more than 900,000 vehicles equipped with the MBUX system. This step taps into ChatGPT’s advanced abilities, hosted on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, to provide exceptionally intuitive voice control.

The MBUX system, known for its user-friendly design, is now setting a new standard by integrating ChatGPT’s Large Language Model. This means you can have more natural conversations and talk about a wider range of topics while driving. “Hey Mercedes” is now more than a command. It’s the start of a chat that can give you info on everything from directions to dinner recipes.

Mercedes-Benz places a high value on data privacy. They’ve teamed up with Microsoft to process and anonymize data in the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Cloud, guaranteeing top-level security and privacy. This approach underscores their commitment to responsible AI use and customer-focused innovations.

The three-month U.S. beta program gives early users access to cutting-edge tech and generates insights for future improvements. Mercedes-Benz is staying true to its AI principles, focusing on enhancing the customer experience while closely monitoring potential risks.