Singapore’s OCBC Bank introduces a GenAI chatbot, enhancing efficiency for its 30,000 employees in research and writing tasks.

OCBC is making a big tech move, introducing a generative AI chatbot to its 30,000 employees. This initiative, developed in partnership with Microsoft, is designed to streamline tasks like writing and research, marking a significant step in enhancing workplace efficiency.

The decision follows a successful six-month pilot, where the chatbot proved to be a major breakthrough, especially in departments like research and customer communications. Employees reported halving their task completion time, showcasing the chatbot’s effectiveness across various functions.1

OCBC’s venture into GenAI began in 2022, focusing on augmenting productivity. These AI solutions have consistently improved work efficiency. OCBC is harnessing the power of AI to make millions of decisions every day, from customer service to risk management. This shows how deeply the bank is weaving advanced tech into the fabric of its daily banking activities.

What else? Beyond implementing generative AI tools, OCBC is also cultivating AI expertise within. Initiatives like AI labs and scholarship programs for AI education are part of their strategy to foster in-house AI capabilities, ensuring a forward-thinking and sustainable approach to technology adoption.