Oracle’s latest GenAI tools transform customer interactions, enabling personalized service and streamlined field operations.

Oracle is refining its Fusion Cloud Customer Experience suite by integrating advanced GenAI features. This move significantly improves the interface’s responsiveness, especially in addressing complex customer queries and enhancing marketing strategies. The latest GenAI enhancements aim to simplify intricate processes, making the technology increasingly capable as it evolves.

Firstly, GenAI-assisted answer generation is a standout feature that empowers customer service professionals to deliver swift, context-aware responses. This tool leverages prompts the users enter to generate accurate answers, hence reducing response time and improving customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Oracle introduced a scheduling feature for field services, which uses GenAI to propose optimal schedules based on factors like location and skill set. This automation extends to mobile apps, granting technicians comprehensive access to necessary data, parts inventory, and billing information, streamlining the service delivery process.

The Opportunity Qualification Scoring is another innovative tool designed for sales and marketing teams. It employs GenAI to analyze and score potential business leads, enhancing targeting precision in account-based marketing—a practice most enterprise marketers embrace.

Finally, the Seller Engagement Recommendations utilize GenAI to advise sellers on the most suitable products and services for each customer, tailored to their specific engagement levels and roles. This feature not only increases sales effectiveness but also personalizes the buying experience.