Prosci unveils Kaiya, a GenAI tool designed to streamline change management processes.

Prosci, a leader in change management, has introduced Kaiya, a GenAI tool designed to improve change management efficiency. Utilizing Prosci’s extensive research and intellectual property, Kaiya is designed to save time, scale impact, and expedite change initiatives.

Kaiya addresses the common challenge of lengthy change management processes by offering real-time, expert insights. Trained on over 25 years of Prosci’s research, it delivers solutions tailored to various change initiatives. Users can generate guided change blueprints, customize communications, and develop resistance management tactics with ease.

The benefits of Kaiya are evident. Early users have reported a 50% reduction in planning time, transforming lengthy sessions into quick tasks. By providing tailored support, Kaiya enables leaders to concentrate more on the human aspects of change, thereby improving overall success rates.

Featuring an intuitive interface, Kaiya makes accessing expert guidance straightforward. This development signifies a notable advancement in applying GenAI in business, showcasing how AI can enhance efficiency and effectiveness in organizational change.