Quanzhou’s Li Cheng Innovates with AI Helper – Simplifying Civic Engagement and Administration with a Tap.

In Quanzhou’s Li Cheng district, a groundbreaking “AI Government Intelligent Assistant” named “Quan Quan” made its debut, streamlining administrative procedures and offering tailored advice to enterprises and citizens. This GenAI tool was developed under the guidance of Quanzhou City and Li Cheng District People’s Congress Standing Committees, leveraging a vast language model to interpret and summarize about 10,000 government-related queries and responses. The assistant, tested since last December with over 3,000 user interactions, has undergone continuous enhancement based on feedback, optimizing its performance, functionality, and response accuracy.

Accessible via the “Li Cheng Government Services” WeChat public account, this assistant offers a simplified interface split into “Service Navigation” and “Intelligent Q&A.” It supports text and voice input, allowing easy inquiries about policies and procedures. This innovation represents a significant step in improving service efficiency, reducing physical visits, and simplifying complex administrative language for the public.

Citizens, like Ms. Zheng from Haibin Street, have lauded the assistant’s straightforward responses and user-friendly interface. The AI tool not only offers direct answers but also intelligently recommends related services and common queries, enhancing the overall user experience.

The introduction of this AI assistant has not only facilitated public access to government services but also alleviated the workload of service center staff. Looking ahead, Li Cheng’s Administrative Service Center Committee plans to further refine and expand this GenAI-powered assistant, propelling it to become an integral part of Quanzhou’s thriving business environment.