Sabre’s SynXis Concierge.AI leverages GenAI for superior customer service, offering instant, accurate responses.

Travel technology company¬†Sabre Hospitality has introduced SynXis Concierge.AI, a GenAI-powered solution designed to innovate customer service for hoteliers. This marks Sabre’s first venture into GenAI, utilizing vast data resources to offer instant, accurate responses to customer queries.

Sabre’s Customer Care and Delivery (CCD) team is the first to use SynXis Concierge.AI, enhancing customer service. Now equipped with Concierge.AI, the CCD team is ready to handle various customer interactions, including questions, requests, and problem resolution. Scott Wilson, Sabre Hospitality’s President, highlights how this technology enhances customer service by delivering swift, precise solutions.

Looking ahead, Sabre plans to integrate SynXis Concierge.AI into its Community Portal, boosting self-service capabilities. It also aims to incorporate it into existing products to improve operational efficiency and conversion rates.

Amy Read, VP of Innovation, emphasizes that GenAI transforms customer service and creates opportunities for operational efficiency and personalized guest experiences. Sabre is committed to harnessing GenAI’s potential for continuous innovation and maximizing customer success.