Silverside AI’s new platform empowers authors to convert book chapters into animations, redefining book promotion and reader engagement.

San Francisco-based Silverside AI introduces Hypnovels, a pioneering GenAI platform that transforms traditional reading into an immersive experience. This new tool allows authors to create animated narratives from their written work, offering a unique promotional strategy and a fresh medium for storytelling.

Through a simple process, texts transform into Hypnovels — animations that capture the essence of the literary piece, making it more accessible to a broader audience, including those less inclined towards conventional reading.

Rob Wrubel, co-founder of Silverside AI, and PJ Pereira, an award-winning advertising veteran and the company’s visionary, highlight Hypnovels’ potential to bridge the gap between authors and readers. This platform, combining AI technologies like GPT4, Stable Diffusion, and Eleven Studios, alongside distinct artistic styles, crafts animations that complement the reading experience without overshadowing the reader’s imagination.

In partnership with BookTrib, a prominent literary platform, Hypnovels aims to rejuvenate classics and propel contemporary works into the spotlight, leveraging the allure of AI-enhanced visuals. This collaboration represents a significant leap in how literary content is shared and promoted, promising to invigorate the literary landscape with a new form of artistic expression that marries text with visual storytelling.