TAL Education Group’s xPad Pro series, equipped with MathGPT, redefines educational tech with cutting-edge AI.

TAL Education Group’s recent unveiling of the xPad Pro series has drawn considerable attention, particularly for its integration of the MathGPT model. This move signifies a major advancement in AI-enhanced education. Following the wave of interest in AI models like ChatGPT, the educational sector has seen an influx of AI-driven applications, with TAL Education Group leading the charge. Since 2020, the company has invested in an AI team dedicated to developing automated problem-solving technologies, leading to adaptive question recommendations with an accuracy rate significantly above the industry average.

The xPad Pro series is not just about advanced hardware and a 20-year research-backed content system; it’s the incorporation of AI tools like problem-solving and personalized tutoring in subjects such as math, Chinese, and English that sets it apart. The device’s AI resolves 80% of problems independently, and the remainder within 20 minutes, tripling efficiency compared to traditional methods.

Beyond technology, TAL Education Group focuses on the fundamental goal of education: nurturing. The xPad Pro includes a comprehensive motivation system to encourage and acknowledge every step of a student’s learning journey.

At the core of the xPad Pro’s capabilities is the MathGPT model, a specialized AI for math education. Developed from TAL Education Group’s extensive data on math learning, MathGPT provides dialogue-based problem solving and the generation of new problems. The xPad Pro series, with its multi-modal AI chip, emphasizes problem-solving and educational dialogue, fostering a deeper, inquiry-based learning approach.

In performance comparisons, MathGPT has outpaced models like GPT-4 in accuracy, demonstrating its potential in educational applications. TAL Education Group’s continued innovation with MathGPT and high-performance chips positions the xPad Pro series as a transformative force in AI-driven education.