Trend Micro introduces Trend Companion, a GenAI tool within Vision One, enhancing SOC analysts and CISO operations. It promises to revolutionize alert management in cybersecurity.

Trend Micro, a leading cybersecurity firm, has unveiled Trend Companion, a cutting-edge generative AI tool. This innovation, seamlessly integrated into the Vision One platform, is tailored for Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). Antoine Saikaley, Technical Director at Trend Micro Canada, highlights Trend Companion’s core functionality: accelerating the interpretation of security alerts, thereby enabling faster and more effective triage.

The GenAI tool stands out by significantly reducing the time analysts spend on manual risk assessments and threat investigations. Trend Companion operates as an integrated chatbot within Vision One. It leverages advanced data models to automatically generate high-fidelity, accurate alerts without false positives. This automation streamlines workflows, boosts productivity, and addresses the urgent need for timely threat response in today’s fast-paced cyber threat landscape.

A key feature of Trend Companion is its ability to close the knowledge gap for analysts. It guides them in understanding the nature of threats before they even delve into specific alerts. By setting thresholds for triaging events, analysts can interact with the tool to gain deeper insights into threats and scripts, enhancing their decision-making process.

The potential impact of this GenAI tool is substantial, with projections suggesting a reduction in time spent on manual risk assessments and threat investigations by 50% or more. In an environment where ransomware threats can cripple organizations within minutes, the significance of this time-saving cannot be overstated.

Trend Companion’s effectiveness stems from its foundation on a blend of public and proprietary AI models, including OpenAI’s GPT-4. Trend Micro’s extensive data lake, comprising over six trillion threat queries, powers these models, giving Trend Companion a unique edge in the market.

As of now, Trend Micro’s 13,000 Vision One customers have complimentary access to Trend Companion, with plans to transition it into a paid add-on in the future.