The UAE Ministry of Justice introduces ‘Aisha,’ a GenAI-powered virtual employee designed to enhance judicial processes and efficiency.

Aisha, utilizing advanced GenAI, generates applications, audio, and images, aiding various judicial tasks. Positioned at court entrances, Aisha provides customers with transaction status updates, writes requests, and offers advice based on an extensive database.

Aisha’s primary function is assisting judges. She analyzes millions of past cases, presenting relevant judgments in seconds. This feature significantly reduces case review time and improves the accuracy of judicial rulings, ensuring more informed decisions.

For lawyers, Aisha is a valuable resource. While a typical lawyer may handle around 1,000 cases in a career, Aisha’s database encompasses millions. This allows her to deliver comprehensive information and advice swiftly, enhancing legal practice efficiency.

From a broader perspective, assistants like Aisha stress that AI will enhance human capabilities, not replace them. It’s important for professionals to integrate and adapt to AI technologies to remain competitive.