The Very Group partners with AWS to launch a GenAI Innovation Lab, aiming to revolutionize ecommerce with personalized, AI-driven shopping experiences.

The Very Group, a prominent UK online retailer, has announced an expanded collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This partnership focuses on leveraging generative AI (GenAI) to enhance the digital shopping experience. A key element of this collaboration is the establishment of the Gen AI Innovation Lab. This lab will be a hub for developing AI-powered retail solutions, aiming to transform how customers interact with Very’s ecommerce platform.

The Gen AI Innovation Lab will experiment with cutting-edge cloud and GenAI technologies. By integrating these with Very’s retail expertise, the aim is to offer more personalized and interactive online shopping experiences. This initiative will not only benefit customers through tailored experiences but also aid Very’s staff in making informed decisions.

The collaboration will see Very’s engineers and data teams working closely with specialists from AWS’s Generative AI Innovation Centre. They will use AWS’s generative AI capabilities through Amazon Bedrock, ensuring secure, scalable, and efficient AI application.

Matt Grest, CIO at The Very Group, emphasizes their ambition to be a leading AI-powered retailer in the UK. This partnership with AWS is a strategic step towards incubating new GenAI-powered products and solutions. Meanwhile, Jeff Johnson from AWS highlights the role of Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Bedrock in empowering Very to offer personalized customer experiences.

Ornella Urso from IDC comments on the industry-wide impact, noting the significant potential of GenAI in improving product data and analytics in retail. The Very Group’s initiative is seen as a benchmark in leveraging AI and ML for retail innovation.