WhatsApp’s new AI feature lets users create personalized avatars for any setting.

WhatsApp is developing a new GenAI feature that allows users to create personalized avatars for various imagined settings. This new feature, found in WhatsApp Beta for Android by WABetaInfo, will utilize user-supplied images, text prompts, and Meta’s AI Llama model to generate custom avatars.

The upcoming ‘Imagine’ AI feature enables users to visualize themselves in diverse settings, from forests to outer space. Users can create these avatars by submitting a photo once, which trains Meta AI to replicate their likeness. By typing “Imagine me” followed by a setting description, users can generate their avatars in Meta AI chat or WhatsApp conversations with the command “@Meta AI imagine me…”

This feature is optional and requires manual activation in WhatsApp settings. Users retain control over their reference images, which can be deleted anytime via Meta AI settings. While the release date is unclear, the feature is part of WhatsApp’s broader rollout of Meta AI chatbot and real-time AI image generation.

Meta’s cautious approach stems from past issues with generative AI tools, ensuring a thoughtful rollout for this new functionality.

Meta AI avatar generator screenshot