Air France uses GenAI to enhance customer service and streamline operations, ensuring data security and operational efficiency.

Air France is utilizing GenI to tackle data management challenges and improve customer service. The airline handles data from over 100,000 daily passengers and employs GenAI to optimize operations and ensure data security.

Since 2023, Air France has embraced GenAI to transform its processes, launching over 80 GenAI projects across various sectors. The technology helps analyze vast amounts of data and enhances various aspects of the airline’s operations. Key initiatives include:

Talia: An internal ChatGPT equivalent that helps employees with tasks like writing emails, searching PDFs, and organizing events.

Pamelia: A tool that allows airport agents to answer customer questions in real time, translating responses into 85 languages.

Charlie: Aids maintenance teams by quickly finding parts information, improving repair times and flight punctuality.

Fox: Analyzes complex customer feedback to identify trends and improve service quality based on insights.

Air France emphasizes responsible AI development, focusing on data protection and ethical use. By leveraging established market solutions, the airline maintains agility and controls costs to ensure that integration with GenAI continues to benefit operations and customer experience.