Amadeus introduces a GenAI chatbot powered by Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service to enhance hotel data management.

Amadeus, a leader in travel technology, has integrated a GenAI chatbot into its Agency360+ data tool. This marks the first step in Amadeus’ plan to leverage GenAI across its business intelligence products. The chatbot uses Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service to provide hotel companies with seamless access to booking data and can respond to queries in natural language.

This GenAI solution addresses the primary challenge of accessing and interpreting booking data. Traditionally, hotel revenue managers had to manually search through data to find information on average daily rates, room nights, and revenue pipelines. This process was time-consuming and required technical expertise. With the new chatbot, even non-technical staff can easily access and apply this data, significantly reducing the time and effort involved.

The GenAI chatbot’s benefits are substantial. It simplifies complex information, presenting it in an easy-to-understand format. This enables hotel staff to focus on strategic initiatives that drive revenue rather than getting bogged down by data management. By improving the user experience and responsiveness of the tool, Amadeus empowers hotels to make faster, data-driven decisions.

This development is part of Amadeus’ broader partnership with Microsoft, which has also included the integration of Amadeus’ Cytric booking and expense platform with Microsoft 365 tools. The ongoing partnership aims to improve the travel experience using advanced GenAI solutions, further establishing Amadeus as a leader in travel technology innovation.