Ryght partners with Lucem Health to integrate GenAI for advanced disease detection and treatment.

Ryght, a leader in GenAI for life sciences, teams up with Lucem Health to enhance disease detection and treatment. By incorporating Ryght’s GenAI into Lucem’s AI SolutionOps, this partnership aims to transform patient care with advanced insights from health data.

Ryght’s GenAI, powered by specialized LLMs, will allow Lucem to unlock new understandings from patient records, improving disease management. Simon Arkell, Ryght’s CEO, emphasizes the synergy between the companies in elevating healthcare solutions, promising better patient care, cost efficiency, and satisfaction.

Sean Cassidy of Lucem Health highlights the alignment of Ryght’s GenAI with their goal of converting healthcare data into proactive, impactful patient care. This collaboration stands to redefine clinical practices, making healthcare more predictive and personalized.